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Learn from 24 world-class experts and Virtual Business leaders, including an Emmy-award winner, those at the top of the Forbes list, list, and influential masterminds who work at the some of the world’s best companies serving virtual businesses!

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The Virtual Business Summit (VBS) is the only summit to bring together the best companies and experts to teach you how to run your virtual business better, from anywhere in the world.

Do you ever wonder why it’s necessary to go into the office when you can do most or all of your work from home? Does your commute take up precious time that you could be spending doing something more important? Do you dream of having the freedom and flexibility to run your business from anywhere in the world?If you’ve answered YES to any of those questions, the Virtual Business Summit is for YOU!

I interviewed the top experts from the best businesses helping virtual business owners to thrive and they are going to teach you how to your run your virtual business successfully, while doing less. These experts will give you the tools to create the business you dream of while being 100% location independent. That’s what gives you the true freedom and flexibility you desire!

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What if I don’t have time to attend all of the live sessions?

Hey, I completely understand! When traveling the world, I don’t always get to watch videos as they are released or attend meetings because I’m in a different time zone. However, I do enjoy watching at my leisure (maybe while waiting for my flight or in-flight) and having transcripts to highlight and take thorough notes.

With the exclusive All-Access Pass, you can watch and download the transcripts whenever you like. Have an opportunity to go more in-depth when it’s most convenient for you – after all, you know when you’re at your best and can effectively absorb and implement the material.

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Watch All of the Interviews at Your Convenience for Just $97

We all run busy lives. I completely understand.

I also understand that taking in the interviews and content is going to take some time. Rome surely wasn’t built in a day.

That’s why I created this course to give you the freedom to not only create the life you love, but to steer your learning journey on your own time.

Don’t worry about tuning in at the exact hour a speaker is set to go live. Instead, watch the interviews when you’re ready.

With your All Access Pass, you can study the presentations anytime, anywhere, for life. It’s like having meetings with top virtual business experts in your office with you while you work from anywhere in the world.

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How to Implement What You Learn During the Virtual Business Summit

If you’ve ever spent money on a conference, you know the pros and cons of attending –there’s always the looming risk of not coming away with enough return on investment.

Or you may find yourself unsure about how to get started and implement these new ideas right away.

With the Virtual Business Summit, there are no travel or hotel expenses. You also don’t have to worry about material overload or organizing notes and to-do lists when you get home.

The Lifetime, All-Access pass gives you the stress-free convenience you need. You have the freedom and flexibility to go back and watch the videos any time, anywhere. And forget about taking notes! You’ll have the transcripts to reference. Instead of wondering how you’re going to remember it all, simply listen to the instructions while you implement.

My goal is to bring you the most valuable information and tools now and in the future as you grow and build your virtual business.

Purchase the All Access Pass TODAY, and get all of the information on hand, whenever you need it. I’m also including bonus content and discounts with the All Access Aass to make this investment an easy choice for you to make.

Get Exclusive Access to Over 20 Hours of Expert Virtual Business Strategies from Top Industry Leaders….for Only $97!

We are confident you’re going to love this summit. If for any reason you do not love your All Access Pass, you will receive a refund. No questions asked.

You Will Use This Expert Information Time and Time Again

I know from running a successful virtual business, consulting remotely, and matching clients with virtual assistants that you are going to have questions and you’re going to need to learn from the best on how to do it right.

For that very reason, I have put together the best of the best minds in business, offering expert information and tools covering essentially every area of running a virtual business.

My goal is not to just provide you what you need now, but to equip you with what you’ll undoubtedly need in the future. This is my mission day in and day out and I’ll know you’ll thank me later for bringing this all to you now, at the lowest cost available.

Having this knowledge in your arsenal will allow you to pivot, grow, and build your business quickly when the opportunities arise. Instead of wondering how to scale, you’ll already know your next move. My goal is always to assist by making your life easier, creating more time for you while you earn more money.

You’ll Learn From These Experts

Dorie Clark

Amber Dugger

Mark Faggiano

Nicholas Mohnacky

Shelley Trask

Terri Lomax Burden

Jeffrey Shaw

Elaine Bennett

Donna Serdula

Asad Zulfahri

John Elston

Iwo Szapar

Christophe Garnier

Michael Perry

Robbie Klein

Denise Jacobs

Dr. Renee Wellenstein

Paula Rizzo

Gretchen Breuner

Sean Sumner

Cameron Mattis

Tammy Lorette

Heather-Mae Pusztai

Paul Fairbrother

This Summit is One Of A Kind

I didn’t put together an expert line up to sell to you, but to save you time, money, and hours of trying to figure it out all on your own.
Many of the experts participating in the summit have coached, consultanted, or trained me. I paid their fees, saw excellent results, and now I want them to share with you as well!
We cover many different aspects of business.
A complete virtual business summit for a complete virtual business owner. There are a variety of different fields represented because there are a number of different types of virtual business owners. I’ve lined up the best experts in their fields, all in one place for you!
Your email is not shared with anyone.
I know how annoying it is to have your inbox full of emails for products and services you don’t want or need. I would never do that to you!

All Access Pass Includes:

Over 20 hours of virtual business strategies by top experts

Powerful Summit interviews
Exclusive Live Q&A
Video Transcripts
Bonus Materials

Top Virtual Business Experts Will Show You How To:

Take advantage of proven formulas, systems, and techniques to build, grow, and maintain your virtual business
Make more money and gain more freedom and flexibility to live the dream
Get your business on the right track and ready for take off
Finally be where you want to be in your career
Maximize expert knowledge and tools to tap into your full potential
Save yourself thousands of dollars and countless hours of trying to figure it all out by yourself

Join the summit today and start living your dream tomorrow!

Get Exclusive Access to Over 20 Hours of Expert Virtual Business Strategies from Top Industry Leaders….for Only $97!

We are confident you’re going to love this summit. If for any reason you do not love your All Access Pass, you will receive a refund. No questions asked.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t love your All Access Pass, get your money back within 30 days guaranteed. No questions asked.

Get Exclusive Access to Over 20 Hours of Expert Virtual Business Strategies from Top Industry Leaders….for Only $97!

We are confident you’re going to love this summit. If for any reason you do not love your All Access Pass, you will receive a refund. No questions asked.