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Dorie Clark

Tuesday, April 23, 12pm ET | Let’s Talk About Money
Monetizing Your Expertise
Dorie explains why being well known in your field doesn’t mean you will also be successful financially. Learn explicit strategies to monetize your expertise to become financially successful and develop multiple income streams.

Amber Dugger

Tuesday, April 23, 1pm ET | Let’s Talk About Money
Profit For Keeps!
Don’t wait to pay yourself. Make Profit First a priority in your business! Amber shares her holistic system to help you build a healthy mindset with money, learn the fun of aging your money, combined with practical tools and tips to met your revenue goals, keep a healthy business cash flow, and pay yourself first!

Mark Faggiano

Tuesday, April 23, 2pm ET | Let’s Talk About Money
Automate Your Sales Tax
The key to being a virtual business owner is automating your business, which includes sales tax compliance. TaxJar’s CEO, Mark Faggiano, shares with us how easy TaxJar is to use, their money and service guarantee, and how economic nexus, which effects yours sales tax, is changing daily. TaxJar is your answer!


Nicholas Mohnacky

Wednesday, April 24, 12pm ET | Collective Communication Is Key
Use Collective Intelligence (CI) to Go from Idea to ROI
As a successful serial entrepreneur Nick knows what it takes to go from idea to ROI. He shares how bnotes makes this possible in your business, how to use Collective Intelligence (CI), and never worry about your team information becoming siloed.

Shelley Trask

Wednesday, April 24, 1pm ET | Collective Communication Is Key
Using Slack to Make Work Happen
Slack is not only a communication and collaboration hub where work happens – makes working fun! Learn best practices and tips from the Executive Assistant to the CTO at Slack. Don’t just communicate. Communicate to make work happen.

Terri Lomax Burden

Wednesday, April 24, 2pm ET | Collective Communication Is Key
Organizing Your Business with Asana
Asana’s Mid-Market Customer Success Manager,Terri Lomax Burden, will share how to use the platform to organize your business and how you can stop worrying about tasks falling through the cracks. Eliminate emails, boring spreadsheets, and instead automate your business!


Jeffrey Shaw

Thursday, April 25, 12pm ET | Your Message to Attract Ideal Clients
Speaking Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language
Jeffrey explains why it is so important to have an ideal client, what the New Niche is, the secret languages of our ideal clients, and how to work only with those who believe in your services or product. Make your business irresistible!

Elaine Bennett

Thursday, April 25, 1pm ET | Your Message to Attract Ideal Clients
Courageous Writing
There’s no one better to teach courageous writing than Warren Buffett’s former speechwriter, Elaine Bennett. You’ll find out that you are a writer no matter what anyone else has told you, why there is no such thing as writer’s block, and how to write your story.

Donna Serdula

Thursday, April 25, 2pm ET | Your Message to Attract Ideal Clients
Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
Learn from the pioneer of LinkedIn profile optimization, Donna Serdula, on how to be found, make connections, and be noticed on LinkedIn.

Asad Zulfahri

Thursday, April 25, 3pm ET | Your Message to Attract Ideal Clients
Optimizing Your Site with SEO
SEO doesn’t have to be hard. Asad shares his favorite tips, tools, and what not to do. Learn what SEO really means, what kind of infrastructure to create, and how partnerships can help you drive traffic to your site!


John Elston

Friday, April 26, 12pm ET | Going Remote
The Remote Revolution
Learn why being remote and running a virtual business is possible at any age and the benefits it brings. John shares his own story of attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best talent in business how becoming remote was a game changer in business.

Iwo Szapar

Friday, April 26, 1pm ET | Going Remote
Become Remote Work Certified
Whether you have been working remotely for years or are brand new, certification helps you not only get hired for remote work but makes you a more well-rounded remote individual. CEO of Remote-how Academy, Iwo, explains the research around creating the first globally recognized certification course and how it benefits you as much as your future employer.

Christophe Garnier

Friday, April 26, 2pm ET | Going Remote
Upflex – Coworking Spaces That You’ll Love
You don’t have to work from home or your hotel. Learn from the CEO of Upflex about the options you have to use over 3000 co-working spaces around the world and the benefits that come with co-working!


Michael Perry

Saturday, April 27, 12pm ET | Automating Your Business
Your Shopify First Virtual Employee: Kit
Kit is designed to be your first virtual employee at Shopify to save you money, help you automate your systems, and market your business! Michael shares how and why he created Kit. From helping you boost sales, creating awareness and even creating Facebook and Instagram ads, Kit is the best virtual employee ever!

Robbie Klein

Saturday, April 27, 1pm ET | Automating Your Business
Using Zapier to Automate
Zapier was designed to easily help you automatically create cause and effect triggers to keep you from doing repetitive tasks. Robbie is an expert in automation and digital minimalism and shows us how to use Zapier to run more effective businesses, so you can focus on your most important work.


Denise Jacobs

Sunday, April 28 12pm ET | Self-Care
Banishing Your Inner Critic
If you’ve ever thought that you are not creating your best work, you have no doubt wrestled with your own inner critic. Denise will share scientific research, case studies, an improv technique, and creative doses from her book to help you banish your critic once and for all so you can do your best work!

Dr. Renee Wellenstein

Sunday, April 28 1pm ET | Self-Care
Keeping Yourself Healthy & Well!
As a virtual business owner, you want to make sure you are taking care of yourself first! If you aren’t healthy and well, your business won’t be either. Dr. Wellenstein not only share hers tips and tricks, she also created a special workout video designed specifically for those working remotely!


Paula Rizzo

Monday, April 29, 12pm ET | Delivering Your Message Effectively
How to Get Media Attention
A highly sought after media consultant, Paula train experts, entrepreneurs and authors to help them make the most of their media interviews, specifically television. She will walk you through the dos and don’ts of media and video so you can position yourself to be found and pitch the media effectively!

Gretchen Breuner

Monday, April 29, 1pm ET | Delivering Your Message Effectively
Growing Your Business Through Speaking
Speaking is a great way to expand your reach and grow your business. Gretchen will share her expertise on what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and why you have a story. Plus, learn how to find more speaking gigs!

Sean Sumner

Monday, April 29, 2pm ET | Delivering Your Message Effectively
Self-Publishing Your Book
Do you have a vision or knowledge to share with the world? Sean explains why self-publishing is the best way for people of all ages to share their vision and knowledge while attaining financial freedom. Whether you believe you are a great writer or not, Self-Publishing School knows how to get you published, in the least amount of time, and with the biggest impact!

Cameron Mattis

Monday, April 29, 3pm ET | Delivering Your Message Effectively
Everything is Teachable
Teachable has made it possible to teach everything! Discover ideas of what you can teach online (you’ll be surprised) and how Teachable makes it easier to get paid, pay others, and even handles your tax forms at the end of the year! You can devote time to what you love: teaching.


Tammy Lorette

Tuesday, April 30, 12pm ET | Using Social Media to Grow Your Audience
Building an Engaging Facebook Group
With over 5,500 highly engaged active members in a her private FB community, Tammy shares her secrets on how to build your own engaged community in minimal time. She’ll also let you know when it’s time to hire a community manager and what pitfalls to avoid.

Heather-Mae Pusztai

Tuesday, April 30, 1pm ET | Using Social Media to Grow Your Audience
Automating Your Social Media
Buffer not only helps you automate your social media posts, but also customizes posts for better engagement, and gives you a platform to engage without distractions. Heather-Mae gives us the inside scoop on how to use Buffer better so you can save time managing social media for your business!

Paul Fairbrother

Tuesday, April 30, 2pm ET | Using Social Media to Grow Your Audience
How & Why You Should Use Facebook Ads
With over $2 million of Facebook ads to manage for his clients, Paul knows and shares his expertise, including best practices on how to start with ads, how to set a budget, how long to let ads run, and even provides tips on how to hire the VA or agency to run your ads for you!

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